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Spain-Portugal, wonderful border crossing
Spanish professional footballer gave hope to terrified people of Beirut
“Iran is ready for expansion of relations with Spain”; Zarif said.
“Expanding relation with Iran, is one of our purposes of the journey”
Niki Karimi, a jury member in Spanish film festival
The Foreign Minister of Spain Met with Zarif
The presence of Ambassador of Spain in Khorramabad
The Journey of 2 Ministers of Spain
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About Institute

Daneshgostar KOOH e NOOR institute

To glorify the targets of post graduate students in order to study in high rank Spanish universities , KOOH E NOOR institute provides the possibility to acquire admission by the help of its professional staffs . Although accreditation of our activities is depended on the academic background of applicants , wide range appropriate fields to acquire admission introduce KOOH E NOOR as one of the top level institute in this area. With three years of in-depth experience , KOOH E NOOR institute assists applicants in admission and visa process.

 18:31 - 01/08/2010More >>
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Getting Academic Admission in February 2014 has started!
If you intend to begin your study in Spain in February 2014, its necessary to complete the required documents for getting academic admission as soon as possible and proceed for making contracts with the institute.
 14:50 - 09/07/2014 - Comments : 0More >>
The Nowruz Congratulation Message of Danesh Gostar Kooh e Noor
Another year has passed with all its ups and downs beside you dears and we are happy that we have been at your service. We congratulate forereach of ancient Nowruz and wish you a year full of happiness, health and replete of success for you dears.
 16:09 - 17/03/2014 - Comments : 0More >>
Not so much time for Getting Academic Admission in September 2014!
If you intend to begin your study in Spain in September 2014, its necessary to complete the required documents for getting academic admission and proceed for making contracts with the institute.
 13:02 - 19/02/2014 - Comments : 0More >>
Weekly Seminars of Spain and Portugals Universities
Weekly seminars of Spain and Portugals universities will be held every Tuesday at 10:00 & 15:00 at Danesh Gostar Kooh e Noor institute by the goal of making interested students familiarize with continuing studies in Spain and Portugals universities.
 17:29 - 04/02/2014 - Comments : 0More >>
Spanish Language Learning by Danesh Gostar Koohe Noor Institute
The Beginning of New Periods of Spanish Language Learning by Danesh Gostar Koohe Noor Institute
 12:14 - 10/01/2014 - Comments : 0More >>
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شنبه, 29 فوريه 2020
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