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Spain’s Culture

Spains Culture

Spanish culture has been influenced by Romans. Spain has been captured by Romans about 200 years before Christs birth. Spain has been influenced by Arabs and Jewish, too. After Muslims and Jewish failure, from 1000 to 1492 (Reconquista) Spain has been remained Romans Catholic. Its architect is a collection of Romans, Gothic, and Islamic. In Cordoba which was the cultural capital of Umayyad Caliphate, Islamic architect would be observed.  Other styles such as Spanish Baroque, New Classicism, and modern style will be observed, too. In the Golden Ages, from 1500 to 1800 famous painters such as El Greco, Morilo Vlaskonz, and Goya can be stated. Among modern painters Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Juan Miro can be mentioned, too. Spains surrealist cinema will be recognized by Louis Bunuel. In literature its better to mention Cervantes. He has been exiled to Italy due to a duel; in return he has been arrested by pirates and has been taken away to Algeria. Don Quijote is his most famous work. Heroism, amorously and sheepherding stories were Spanish favorites. Works of Latin American authors except Brazil are among Spanish literature.     

Food in Spanish culture is very important. Tortilla de patatas or Spanish Omelets is a mix of egg, potato, garlic and onion. Olive oil is very important in Spanish food. Paella is a Spanish rice food that will be cooked by meat, sea food or vegetables. Migas is a breakfast compound of bread, and tortilla (Omelets). Special sausages are among Spanish food, too. Of course Spanish foods menu is much more diverse. 

Spanish Language

Spanish language or Castellan is among Indo-European languages which have Latin root, which will be spoken in Spain and many nations in America and other areas of the world.

Spanish language which rooted in North of Spain was spread in Castille Kingdom and then became the main business and governments language. This language by Spanish Kingdoms conquests has developed to Africa, America, and Asian Pacific Ocean between fifteenth and nineteenth centuries. Now Spanish is the mother language of between 320 to 400 million people in the world which the above mentioned statistics made this language the second or third mother language of the world regarding speakers numbers.

The word "Spanish" suggested by Spains Royal Academy and also Spanish language Academies institution, will be used for naming the language of 480 million people in the whole world. It can be said that this language is at the third place of most speakers of the world after English and Mandarin and it is also the second mother language of the world after Mandarin.

Spanish language in Europe is the official language of Spain and one of the official languages of independent areas such as Catalan, Basque, Valencia and Galicia. In America it’s the language of the majority of nations such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and also Venezuela. This language is also the national language of Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Salvador, and Uruguay. This language still will be spoken in Spanish communities of United States especially in its South-western areas (New Mexico, California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, and also a little in Brazil). In Africa this language also will be used in Equatorial Guinea, western cities of Sub-Saharan Africa, and the northern parts of Morocco. In Asia there were more than three million of Spanish speakers in Philippine that today their numbers reached less than one hundred people.

Spanish Language Types   

There are four main types of Spanish language in Spain. The contact of this language with English in America caused the creation of a mixed language famous as Spanglish which will be used especially in United States. This type of language will be studied in some universities such as Massachusettss Amherst University. Spanish Grammar follow ups the principles of other Indo-European languages, in other way its grammatical expressions can accept different aspects in different situations, for example names and adjectives have sex ad number and verbs will be conjugated.

Spanish Vocabulary

There are near to 1000 Arabic vocab, which are inherited since Angeles triumph by Muslims in eighth century. Basque is another language which had a great influence on this language while French language which will be recognized as Spanish Languages sister is mostly influenced by Celtic and Germanic languages.

Spanish language is one of the official languages of United Nations, Europe Union, American Governments Organization, Africa Union, South American nations Union, and also Latin Union. It has legal position in free business contract of North America.

Spanish Royal academy along with the community of twenty one other Spanish countries academies, have the responsibility to standardize the incoming influences on this language by publishing dictionaries and grammar guidance. Creating a standard form of this language for using in literary, academic and media has been approved because of social-historical reasons.



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